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Better Vim is a Neovim distribution featuring lots of slick defaults and an outstanding UI.

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Say goodbye to spending days setting up Neovim.

Our distribution offers lightning-fast installation and a feature-rich environment, making it the perfect choice for developers of all levels.

Take your code editing performance to the next level πŸ”₯

Better Vim is not only fast to install, it also includes a full set of plugins and configurations to make your life easier and unlock super powers for your code editing skills.

One command and you get

  • Custom snippets

  • Tabs

  • File explorer

  • Refined UI

  • File finder

  • Sane defaults

  • Support for many langs

  • 9 hand-picked themes

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New Capital

I've been using NeoVim for a few years and recently I came across BetterVim. With its plugins and shortcuts it unites comfort and agility and best of all... It's very easy to customize with my own settings! The name is not by chance, it's vim, it's better.. it's :BetterVim

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Mateus Pontes

I've used VIM in the past and then switched to Sublime and VSCode. I've tried many times to go back to VIM, but the configuration I wanted seemed hard to recreate every time. Now I found Better VIM and applied the setup in a few seconds, all the things worked as expected, and the support I received on Twitter was awesome. Thanks a lot, Better VIM is awesome.

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Felipe Ramos

There is infinity awesome thinks that I could say about better-vim but it would take tremendous amount of lines for that. This tool really made the difference on my day to day work and on my agility when developing and writting code, it has so many features and cool stuff that I feel that I didn't learn everything yet and when I do, my work will be changed even more. I'm so glad to have people that worked on that and being able to support this tool is amazing!

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Evandro Ribeiro

I've always wanted to use VIM for its promised productivity, but the configuration wasn't simple. I had to either study to set it up or study to work. With :better-vim and the convenience it offers by providing ready-made configurations and allowing easy and practical customization, my productivity has indeed increased

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10/10 i would recommend investing on this tool, which is priceless, a small amount for a big improvement in your life. I gained speed and managed to replace vscode entirely.

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Bought it...It’s definitely the best configuration package available, specially for those who use VSCode. Great job!

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BetterVim from @vmaarcosp and @fdaciuk is by far the most complete out of the box implementation of a nvim setup someone who struggled with before can have. Took me some time to move to vim but after this i moved instantly without any hassle.

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I tested #bettervim, created by @fdaciuk. It's a very clean and beautiful configuration, and it's very easy to make modifications to the plugins and bindings. It left me with a great first impression.

Made for everyone

Whether you are setting up a new computer or running a fresh install after your dev environment became a total mess, Better Vim is perfect for you.


  • Customizable

  • MacOS

  • Ubuntu & Arch

  • Fedora

  • Windows (via WSL2)

  • Lifetime support

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Who created Better Vim?

Here is the team who spent dozens of hours setting up Neovim so you don't have to


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