Neovim at its best in less than 5 minutes

Better Vim is a Neovim configuration script featuring lots of slick defaults and an outstanding UI.

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Say goodbye to spending days setting up Neovim

Run one command and you get

File explorer
Beatiful statusline
Fuzzy finder
Intuitive shortcuts
9 themes
Zen mode
Shortcuts completion
Customs snippets
Support for many langs
Extensible LSP
Mouse support
Custom configuration
Nice defaults

Take your code editing performance to the next level

Better Vim is not only fast to install, it also includes a full set of plugins and configurations to make your life easier and unlock super powers for your code editing skills.

Customize to make it yours

Override plugins, options and themes the way you want.

Made for everyone

Whether you are setting up a new computer or running a fresh install after your dev environment became a total mess, is perfect for you.


  • Customizable

  • MacOS

  • Linux (Ubuntu & Arch)

  • Windows (via WSL2)

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Who created Better Vim

Here is the team who spent dozens of hours setting up Neovim so you don't have to

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Marcos Oliveira
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Fernando Daciuk